Practical Planetary Magick

Practical Planetary Magick

By Sorita d’Este and David Rankine

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practical_planetary_magickThe influence of the seven Wandering Stars or Deathless Powers of the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn has shaped the development of magick for many thousands of years.

Their influence can be seen permeating many of the modern Western Esoteric Traditions, who are the inheritors of the wisdom & knowledge passed down through the ages. From Ancient Sumeria, to the Greeks, the Romans, the early Qabalists, the Medieval & Renaissance Grimoire Magickians through to the Victorian Occult Societies, the influence of the planets is clearly present in the symbolism of their ceremonies, practices & beliefs. In this practical sourcebook, the authors bring together old & new techniques which they hope will inspire others to explore the multi-faceted world of planetary magick. There are simple planetary contemplations, hymns & meditation journeys, ideal for the novice who wants to explore the symbolism of the planets & in doing so learn to focus the different planetary energies. Information is provided on the many spiritual beings associated with the planets – The Gods & Goddesses who give their names to the planets, the Olympic Spirits, Archangels, Orders of Angels, Planetary Intelligences & Planetary Spirits. Essential techniques for creating planetary sigils using the magick number squares, calculating planetary hours, making & consecrating amulets & talismans are given with practical examples. Drawing from their experience & knowledge gained working in a number of Western Esoteric Traditions, the authors also present here original planetary techniques & ceremonies – including the Ritual of the Heptagram, Planetary Pyramids, Planetary Magick Circles & Angle Webs. The rich symbolism & influence of the magick of the Wandering Stars underlies the spiritual & magickal heritage of Western Esotericism. Through exploring & working with the Deathless Powers, the reader can come to a greater understanding of the transformative powers they offer every true seeker of the Mysteries.

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Extracts from reviews:

“This book is a little gem: why? There are snippets here and there in other books about Planetary Magick but you have to work out the rest of it yourself, as the infomrationis either too basic or incomplete. Now this book, ok, it may look a slim book, ut within its pages is everything you need, plus more, that you wanted to know about working with the Planets.” Ruggedwest, Amazon Reviewer

“As usual, David and Sorita has done a great job writing a book. I have got almost all of their books and they never dissapoint me. It is very well structured and easy to understand. It is a good book for both beginners and experienced. I love it. Well done!”
Angelica Lovkvist, Amazon Reviewer

“Well, for a star-gazing conjuring mortal immortal I personally found this book to be a jewel. Combining personal insight, scholarly references and practical applications this book will initiate the reader and practitioner  regardless of how advanced they are, on a journey through the planetary realms flirting with ancient invocations, Hermetic Axioms, Renaissance Magia, the Grimoires, Archangels, Olympic Spirits, rites invoking the primordial epoches yet being applicable to the needs and preferences of contemporary Magoi, unbiased lists of correspondences, and ‘hands on’ meditations. Written in a very attractive and alluring fashion, I recommend this to all who seek to invoke the axiom of “I am a child of Earth and of Starry Heaven; But my race is of Heaven!”” Damon Zacharias Lycourinos, Author, Scholar and Amazon Reviewer

“This is what I expect magickal text to be about – to give insights that I can add into my own personal work. So… I did. To give an example of how I used this book, I recently created a Talisman for a specific entity within the book. I crafted the Talisman using some methods I learned elsewhere… and placed it upon the center of my working area – which happens to be an Enochian based working area…” Brian Warner, Amazon Reviewer

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