April 29, 2016

bee2smUpcoming 2016:

11-15 March, Spinner of Fate Retreat
Devon, UK.  I am hosting a small, intensive retreat at a rural location in Devon with a small group of Hekate devotees.  We will be exploring Hekate in all her many different aspects – through discussion, debate, workshops, rituals and meditation.  FULLY BOOKED.

13th May 2017, Rite of Her Sacred Fires
Glastonbury, UK.  We gather at a special, private grove of trees and herbs on the slopes of Glastonbury Tor for this international celebration of the Mysteries of the Torchbearing Goddess.  All are welcome.  Wear something red, white or black – please bring an offering of fruit, vegetables, nuts, sesame seed, barley flour or olive oil.  No booking / Free.
This ritual forms part of a network of thousands of people around the world celebration this modern devotional rite at the full moon of May each year since 2010.   See:


Soma Sema: Study Course
In this course students are encouraged to explore the mysteries and beauty of ancient Orphic religion, but in a 21st century Western context through ritual, meditation and contemplation.  Places on my year long study course are strictly limited, and places are awarded based on applications made up to 6 months in advance.  The 2017 Autumn intake is now fully booked.  

Boundless Physis: Exploring Hekate
This course explores the many different aspects of the Goddess Hekate through monthly lessons, rituals and meditations. Participants receive monthly emailed lesson, ritual text and recorded meditations.
Enrollments for October 2017 will open in August.  Follow me on Facebook or Twitter for updates.

Sanctuary of Hekate Soteira, Glastonbury
I host regular, more or less monthly, meetings for my Covenant of Hekate sanctuary throughout the year in my private temple and sometimes, weather permitting, in our private grove near the Tor.  These events are strictly invite only (through sponsorship of an existing member); although some events are open to all.
(Note: No meetings Jan-March 2017, we restart in April!).

Sanctuary of Hekate Kleidouchos, International
I host a study group for the Covenant of Hekate throughout the year, open to members of the Covenant of Hekate only.  For membership information,

Sacred Bee Goddess

 Past Events:

16-18th September 2016
PAGE2016, Belgium –

21 August 2016
Pagan Pride South, Southampton UK –

Above: Sorita at the Athens Goddess Festival, November 2015

At CWED, Sao Paolo, Brazil 2014. From left to right: Zsuzsanna Budapest, Claudiney Prietro, Sorita d'Este and Deborah Lipp.

At CWED, Sao Paolo, Brazil 2014. From left to right: Zsuzsanna Budapest, Claudiney Prietro, Sorita d’Este and Deborah Lipp.


Brasilia, Brazil July 2015. From left to right: Mavesper, Sorita and Hazel. This was taken at a ceremony honouring the Goddess Hekate at a very special temple.

Author & Priest Georgi Mishev & Sorita d'Este (Opening Blessing, Hekate Symposium 2013)

Author & Priest Georgi Mishev & Sorita d’Este (Opening Blessing, Hekate Symposium 2013)

world goddess day glastonbury
World Goddess Day, being celebrated in Glastonbury, Somerset (UK).

As Isis, in a ceremony at Conway Hall (Beltane Bash) in 2004. It was led by David Rankine, with myself and members of StarStone Network.

Sorita d'Este and David Rankine, teaching a workshop at Witchfest International 2003

Teaching a workshop on Astral Doorways with David Rankine (left) at Witchfest International in 2003.