April 29, 2016


Sorita d'Este at the Temple of Hekate, Lagina (Turkey), November 2015

Sorita d’Este at the Temple of Hekate, Lagina (Turkey), November 2015



This is a small collection of useful, beautiful or interesting links I would like to share.  

Links to other projects I am involved with:

Avalonia (Publishing) – www.avaloniabooks.co.uk

The Covenant of Hekate – www.hekatecovenant.com

The Goddess Hekate (on Facebook) – www.facebook.com/goddesshekate


Esoteric Bookshops that stock my books:

Atlantis Bookshop (London) – http://www.theatlantisbookshop.com/

Labyrinth Bookshop (Glastonbury, UK) – http://www.labyrinthbooks.co.uk/

Watkins Bookshop (London) – http://www.watkinsbooks.com/



Avalonia (Publishing) – www.avaloniabooks.co.uk

Llewellyn Worldwide (Publishing) – https://www.llewellyn.com/


You are of course welcome to share links to this website with others, no permission is necessary.  Note however, I do not offer a link exchange service.

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