Sorita d'Este at the Temple of Zeus, Valley of the Temples, Sicily
Sorita d’Este at the Temple of Zeus, Valley of the Temples, Sicily
Whenever we use words to define ourselves, we restrict ourselves. Words then should be used with caution, and interpreted likewise.  I prefer to allow myself space to change, learn, experience, and then change some more. xx

I am an writer and author.
  I write for money and for pleasure, and for the sake of learning. To date I have had 20 books published, some of which are anthologies I compiled and some of which I co-authored. I am currently working on several new projects, more information of which will soon be available here.  I have also written a few hundred articles for magazines, journals and part-work publications. My work has been published in both mainstream, community and very obscure publications [information]. I specialise in esoteric subjects and have written on subjects as diverse as Celtic folklore, Ceremonial Magic, the history of Ancient Goddesses, Angels and Demons, Trance possession, modern Paganism and Initiatory Wicca, as well as Aromatherapy, Alternative Health, Palmistry, Astrology, the Tarot and Herbalism.  I believe in Knowledge and I believe that magic takes on the religion of its age.  You can peruse a list of books >here<.
Sorita d'Este at the Temple of Athena, Ortygia, Italy
Sorita d’Este at the Temple of Athena, Ortygia, Italy

I am a publisher.  In 2005 I tentatively self-published notes David Rankine and I had put together on the Irish Celtic Goddess the Morrigan under the label “Avalonia” – which was the name of a community website I owned since the 1990’s. During the last few years Avalonia has grown into a successful niche publisher of esoteric works, with a catalogue of more than 80 titles and authors including Katie Gerrard, David Rankine, Jan Fries, Paul Harry Barron, Payam Nabarz, Gary St. M. Nottingham, C.A. Smith and Yvonne Aburrow.   Find out more at

I am a mother. My son was born as a Sagittarius in 2007, and as the story goes – everything changed.  He is a beautiful, magical creature who has challenged every single thing I thought I knew.  He has a diagnosis of A.S.D. (Autistic Spectrum Disorder, otherwise known as autism)  and was nearly entirely non-verbal until the age of 7, but after a year of adventures between May 2015 and April 2016 started making his first serious steps towards using words. Being a mum is hard, but being a mum to a disabled child is unpredictable, interesting and challenging in ways only experience can explain.
Sorita d'Este visiting the ancient temples of the Goddess in Gozo, Malta
Sorita d’Este visiting the ancient temples of the Goddess in Gozo, Malta

I am a Priestess.  For many years I have served as Priestess, leading sacred ceremonies and teaching within the modern Goddess and Pagan movements- including as a High Priestess of initiatory Craft (Wicca) and a Priestess Hierophant in the FOI (Fellowship of Isis).  Since 2010 my work as a Priestess is primarily focused on my role as Keybearer in the Covenant of Hekate, an international community of devotees of the Goddess of the Crossroads, the many formed Hekate. My own practices are rooted in history whilst standing firmly in the 21st century; and for me the Gods, community and magic are all essential parts of the Craft I continue to practice.

I am a Gnostic and a Theurgist. I believe in experiential knowledge, divinely inspired through union with the Divine.  And I practice theurgy, or Divine Ritual if you like.  I am inspired by Iamblichus, Orpheus and other writers, but also by my experience of Western esoteric Ceremonial Magic(k), the Greek Magical Papyri and grimoires such as the Key of Solomon and Goetia.

I am a Vegetarian.  I have been vegetarian / vegan since I was a child.  It is an important part of my lifestyle and my beliefs.  I also strongly support animal rights and anti-cruelty campaigns whenever I have time and resources available.  
I think that Morality makes stupid.  Of course I am borrowing from Nietzsche here.  But morality is, I believe, a hindrance to new experience and therefore to experiential knowledge.  It feeds on fear and creates, rather than breaks down, barriers.  I have strong ethics, but they are mine, not yours and not borrowed from someone else – rather based on my own experiential knowledge of this multiverse.
I am an Optimist. Well, I like to think I am.  Most of the time I am probably a pessimist! So maybe I should say “I strive towards being an Optimist” .  I believe that through challenging the status quo and ignoring the artificial boundaries of tradition one can proceed towards honest and experiential mysticism whilst maintaining firm foundations build on lessons learned from history, standing positively in today and looking with enthusiasm towards the future. Through doing so, I passionately believe that it is possible to manifest creativity, positivity, love and enchantment through the creation of an independent, free-thinking spiritual community – one with firm foundations in truth, natural balance and generosity.  

Sacred Bee Goddess guiding the Priestesses, Priests, Devotees, and Mystics of the 21st century.

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