All change! New Website for Avalonia Publishing

Most of my readers will know that in addition to being a writer and researcher myself, I also own and operate a small independent esoteric publishing house Avalonia.

When I started Avalonia I used to code the pages with html, then later with software and other applications, and finally about a decade ago the website that was in use ever since. In recent years, that site was becoming more and more unwieldy and it was becoming increasingly difficult to find what one was looking for. So over the last few weeks the entire site has had a remake. It has also moved from the address it has been at since 2005 to to reflect the international readership that Avalonia enjoys today.

Please make sure to subscribe to the mailinglist on the new site (scroll down on the homepage, or on the bottom of most other pages!). There will be a very generous offer in the next week or so for subscribers only to celebrate!

Also please note: Some links and email addresses will naturally no longer be valid. Redirection is present on most links, but there will be some that might still render a “page not found” message – if so, please simply continue onto the new site. My apologies – after so many years it was never going to be entirely straightforward!

Go explore – and let me know what you think!