Practical Elemental Magick

Practical Elemental Magick

By Sorita d’Este and David Rankine

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“The four elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth exist as spiritual essences, as philosophical concepts, as energy states and as a tangible physical reality. ”

Working magick with the elements helps to connect us to the tangibly present natural powers in our physical world, whilst at the same time we are returning to the building blocks of magick by rooting our feet in the material world. Since Empedocles formalized the system in ancient Greece in the 5th century BCE, the four elements have become an integral part of the Western Esoteric Tradition – passing from ancient Greek magick, through the Qabalah, & Grimoire Traditions into modern derivative traditions of ceremonial magick and paganism. In Practical Elemental Magick the authors provide an unprecedented combination of research and techniques for working the magick of Air, Fire, Water and Earth, as well as the spiritual creatures associated with each. The Elemental Gods, Archangels, rulers and other types of elemental beings (including Sylphs, Salamanders, Undines & Gnomes) are discussed and explored. Both the spiritual and physical aspects of the four elements are considered, together with how they interact with each other and their appropriate use for magickal work. The creation and use of Elementaries (Elemental Thought Forms); Elemental Tools, the Elemental Tides and correspondences are all considered in detail, together with previously unavailable original ritual & meditative material including the Unification Rite, the Inner Talisman, the Elemental Pyramids, the Elemental Magick Circle & the Elemental Temples. In mastering the four elements within & without we master ourselves, bringing the external forces of the natural world & the internal forces of our existence into harmony.

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Extracts from Reviews:

“This is truly an outstanding book that explores the theoreia and praxis of elemental magic in the Western Occult Tradition. From Empedocles, Iamblichus, Ancient Greek magic and religion, Paracelsus, the Qabalah, the Grimoire Tradition and more contemporary sources, David and Sorita have conjured a gem of occult literature that will take beginner and adept alike on a enchanting journey of exploring the ideas and manifestations of magic inherent within the elements. Well-researched, concise, consistent and practical transcending all forms of occult dogmatism, this book should be on the bookshelf of every aspiring magos or occult scholar.” Damon Zacharias Lycourinos, Author, Scholar and Amazon Reviewer

” No, this is NOT a spell book for would be teenage witches. Instead it’s a well researched and well written guide to the ancient views and uses of the four elements and their impact on belief and practice then and now. I would highly recommend it for anyone who wants to learn classical wisdom that affects our lives today.” L. Shugerman, Amazon Reviewer

“Although the use of elements is the foundation of magickal practice, this book is genuinely the first of its kind. There are many books on the elements, rituals, creatures, etc.; However, while I find the majority of those books to be very polite and tiptoeing around the elemental beings- this book teaches the practitioner to truly connect with those forces and beings and how to control their power for the magickal intent. To the authors’ credit Practical Elemental Magick is non-dogmatic and, therefore, is extremely useful for a variety of Occult traditions- from novice to the advanced magician.” Indigo Astrea, WitchTalk Radio / Amazon Reviewer

“Practical Elemental Magick is an essential book for magick practitioners. It’s full of useful information, meditations and exercises for both, beginners and advance practitioners. Definitely, a MUST HAVE.” Carolina HL, Amazon Reviewer

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