Towards the Wiccan Circle

Towards the Wiccan Circle

By Sorita d’Este

A beginners guide to the practices and beliefs of modern Wicca

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Practitioners of Wicca call on the Gods of our ancestors in their rites, they perform rituals to mark the changing seasons of the year and celebrate the Gods in the light of the Full Moon. Wicca provides a system of magick, spirituality and mysticism which allows each individual to develop their own relationship with the Gods and the world around them. Towards the Wiccan Circle was born out of the very popular Avalonia homestudy course of the same name. It was designed by experienced coven leaders to provide a structured course of study for individuals who are interested in Wicca and who want to explore the key principles and practices of the tradition by themselves prior to making a commitment. Likewise, it will benefit individuals who are working by themselves and who are seeking to build a solid foundation from which to further explore the tradition, with or without others. This thoroughly practical self-study course provides an excellent introduction to Wicca as a mystery tradition in seven lessons, each covering a key aspect of the beliefs and practices, these are: Lesson 1 – Paganism, Witchcraft & Wicca Lesson 2 – Magick: Towards an Understanding Lesson 3 – The Gods & Goddesses Lesson 4 – The Four Elements Lesson 5 – The Times Of Magick – Cycles of Nature Lesson 6 – Sacred Space Lesson 7 – Initiation & Rites Of Passage Throughout the book, practical exercises,meditations and simple ceremonies are provided, together with suggestions for further reading. You will learn about the history, whilst exploring the practices and deepening your understanding of the four elements and the natural world, whilst exercising your visualisation skills and building on your understanding of the tradition through an experiential approach.

OUT OF PRINT.  SOLD OUT.  Available in eBook format from Amazon Kindle.

Extracts from Reviews:

“Overall I found the book to be concise and to the point. There are references at the end of the chapters for those who want to do some further reading. The book was everything I looked for, and I will certainly be buying more of Sorita’s books.” Vasalaki Anna, Amazon Reviewer

“If your just getting into Wicca and/or Witchcraft then this is one excellent book to start with. Sorita d’Este give a thorough and basic over view for the new comer. Her first discussion starts with an analysis of the difference between Paganism, Witchcraft and Wicca. They’re used interchangeably but they are not synonymous. Being a Pagan someone who worship old deities is not the same as a Wiccan who believes in a God and Goddess and honor the divine feminine as well as believing that all Goddesses are one goddess and all gods are one god. Wicca is a religion and it is a form of witch craft. But a witch is not necessarily a Wiccan.” S. Cranow, Amazon Reviewer

“This is one of the best concise books I’ve read on the subject, not much of the book wanders or is off track, like I’ve seen other books do, where the author spends time feeding the reader whatever agenda they have. If this book was a steak, the fat would be cut off of it, it’s super lean and to the point. No filler. I highly recommend it” Ulalume Jones, Amazon Reviewer

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