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In addition to this website, you can find out more about my work at:

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I am available for interviews about my work as an author, having a lifestyle business and the Covenant of Hekate. Please email:

If you are interested in speaking to me about publishing your work, please visit Avalonia for more information.


After a hiatus from teaching, I am now again taking on students.  I am currently offering the following:

a) My work within the Covenant of Hekate (free membership, and all teaching I do within the CoH is free or expenses only).  Membership information is available at

b) Distance Study Courses.  I am teaching both beginners and intermediate courses in my approach to magic and ritual.  These courses are strictly limited in number, and includes 1-2-1 sessions with me via Skype. Please email: enchanted (at) to be placed on the mailing-list.  NOTE: All courses for 2016 – Spring 2017 are now fully booked.  

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