Moon Magic and Ritual Study Circle, Glastonbury

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9 is a number closely associated with the Moon, and the Moon in turn is associated with goddesses such as Hekate, Diana and Selene – potent goddesses of magic, who continue to be closely associated with the art magical or the Craft. This is also my 9th winter living in Glastonbury; and also the first time I will be offering a course on magical ritual for 9 years! Naturally, I decided to make the focus on this course the magic of the Moon!

Glastonbury Tor by the Waxing Moon - photo by Sorita d'Este, Sept. 2013 (c)


Dates: (Friday evenings) October 18th; November 1st, 22nd, December 6th and 13th.

Times: 7pm till 10pm.
Clothing: Please wear loose fitting practical clothing in plain colours.
Venue: Private Space in Glastonbury, 10 mins walk from the town center. Plenty of free parking available.
**Contribution: I ask that participants donate towards the running costs & materials we will be using. £60 per person is perfect, but if you can’t afford that or if you can afford more, please donate according to your ability without prejudice. Please contact me if you are in doubt.


** Non-refundable after 1 October 2019. This study circle is open only to individuals over the age of 18. Places are limited.

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The Serpent Circle Magical Ritual Study in Glastonbury Somerset UK - Pagan / Wicca Coven or Group in England

What to expect

During our five evening sessions we will explore topics related to the Magic, Myths and Power of the Moon both in theory and in practice. All participants will be provided with preparatory reading for each of our meetings; so even complete beginners will be able to participate, and those with more experience should be able to widen their knowledge and experience. We will start each session with an introductory talk, followed by ritual instruction, preparation and a practical magical ritual. Each session will build on the next, and will culminate in a celebratory divination ritual during our last session which coincides with a Full Moon!

As we progress we will put into practice a number of ritual techniques, drawing from formal ceremonial work, including the use of magical tools and divinatory skills linked to the Moon. Additionally, we will explore the importance of the four elements, the spirits and ancestors of place and without a doubt – you will learn a lot more about my favourite lunar goddesses that includes Hekate, Selene and Hekate!

Sorita d'Este in Sicily, Italy - visiting ancient Greek and Roman temples

About Sorita d’Este

I am a practitioner of the art magical, a priestess and teacher – and the author / co-author of around 20 books on magic, witchcraft and mythology; including Practical Elemental Magick (2008); Circle for Hekate (2017); and Visions of the Cailleach (2009).

During the last few years I have been spending a great deal of time travelling and researching both modern and ancient temples around the world, different world religions and to present lectures and workshops at Pagan, Goddess and esoteric events. My work has taken me to Brazil, Bulgaria, Crete, France, Italy, India, Malta, Netherlands, and Sri Lanka in recent years – and of course I continue to present at events in the UK too, which this last year included the PF’s conference in Glastonbury!

My work today is the culmination of independent study, ritual experience I gained through leading public and private ceremonies; and the teachers I have had. Key influences on my work include: the primordial forces of Nature, the historical texts and other sources handed down from ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome – and the later Hermetic texts, grimoires and European folk magic. I also recognize the significant influence of authors such as Franz Bardon, Eliphas Levi, Dion Fortune, Israel Regardie and the teachings of initiatory Craft on my work today. In short, my work is rooted in history – but placed firmly in the modernity of the 21st century.

The Serpent Circle Magical Ritual Study in Glastonbury Somerset UK - Pagan / Wicca Coven or Group in England